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@socks needs more followers. It generates some sweet socks. I've got a soft spot for mismatched or single socks. 🧦

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#webdev tip: do all of your browser testing in 2G. everyone wins.

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I've been rained on. It makes me so grouchy!

— Cerol Ekastushat, Ranger

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You really can't compare Instagram, which makes $6b, to Pixelfed, which makes $1400 a year. Instagram hiring a UX designer is like taking a drop of water out of the ocean. For a FLOSS project (which rarely make $1400 even), paying a UX designer could kill your project.

FLOSS needs free workers. Help them find them instead of yelling at them.
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Hello Stories. :pixelfed:

Everyone has a story to tell.
Whats yours?

#pixelfed #comingsoon

I got caught in the rain today. I understand the dwarves in now.

Programmer/Engineering Manager in California

- my wife and 2 dogs
- coffee and tea
- open source software

- worldbuilding
- conlanging
- norse mythology

- slow internet
- being hangry
- being late

There's a palette at the bottom of Might be what you're looking for.

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Today I spotted my favorite winter plants, the Snow Beans

Temperate Toots

Sharing toots with friends and family